A few things i've been creating...

Afghan Folk
An Everyday Story Of Afghan Folk | Series 1-4

A slice of village life from the wild, mountainous Pakistan-Afghan borders where the only law is tribal law and there is no road, electricity or phone - and warlords are hard to contain.
— BBC Radio 4

Story Day Audio Books

A little company I created to encourage imagination, add a little creative storytelling (and more than a little music) to some classic tales...

New stories, old stories, fat ones and thin,
We love making tales with a musical spin.

Too much TV parents despise,
So we’ve come up with a cure for square eyes!
Story Day

My Name Is Rachel Corrie | Theatre Show

An incredible project both creatively and musically, developing the music for this complex character and harrowing subject matter was such a challenge, but the resulting emotional and compelling score is one of my personal favourites.

Symba | A New Ballet

A unique ballet which retells a story of morals, love and difficult times with an exceptional cast and live original score involving 22 ballerinas, a 25 strong choir, a 45-piece orchestra.
— Pearl Productions
Symba Ballet

Dane Rawlins
Bespoke Dressage Music

I’m very proud to have worked with Olympic dressage rider Dane Rawlins on creating an original routine for him and Sydney to compete with. This routine featured at Hickstead and Olympia.
— Dane Rawlins