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University of Bristol | MA Composition of Music for Film & TV



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As a girl I loved to sing, I'd sing to almost anything,

So it made sense that when I grew, I'd make my music, what I do.


From la, la, la, I soon moved on, to writing things in rhyme and song,

I'd write for theatre and (taking a chance), I even wrote for horses to dance.


I loved how music would tell us a tale, so when a pirate ship sets sail...

With strings and horns and flutes and drums, I'd write a storm that this way comes.


Or when two people fall in love, and kiss beneath the stars above,

I'd start it in a major key and write a lilting melody.


If you'd like to hear some more about the projects I've written for,

Stay right here, there's music to play, on!



Olivia did a simply wonderful job of making sense of this complicated brief, guiding us in the right direction, coming up with ideas and producing a stunning and very fitting soundtrack for Critter Creek. Indeed the attraction simply came alive once the music was switched on!

— Rob Griffiths | Marketing Manager @ Paultons Park
It was a delight to work with Olivia Thomas on this project because not only is she very talented and comes up with great ideas she is also very good at being sensitive to the process and what the actors need. I was impressed with the way she also dealt with the technical aspects of the show as well. All in all I would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Kirstie Davis | Artistic Director @ Forest Forge
The music was by far the highlight of the production as a whole. Huge praise is due to the composers Jake Bright, James Prideaux and Olivia Thomas whose breath-taking musical score was wonderfully dynamic and rousing, evocative of every change in mood throughout the ballet and of a truly West End standard. I found myself moved almost to tears at the climax of the show as the music reached it triumphant crescendo and the show reached its happy conclusion.”
— Vanessa Kisuule | Epigram Review of Symba